Internet Brands Dominate The Final Spotlight of 2013

January 9 2014

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Internet Brands Dominate The Final Spotlight of 2013

As 2013 drew to a close thousands of brands created online videos to celebrate the end of a great year. Google, YouTube and Amazon produced ads which proved incredibly popular, all landing in the top 10 videos for December.

Let’s take a last look back at December 2013.

December in numbers

1,015 brands produced 17,151 videos which were viewed over 591million times.

Top Sectors

The Internet industry was by far the stand out sector in December. While it only produced 4% of the total videos published, it accounted for 36% of views registered. Internet brands also accumulated 18.3% of the total Facebook interactions during the month. The high performance was largely due strong videos from Google, YouTube and Amazon which totaled over 127million views combined.


The Christmas period is always littered with film releases, and the Entertainment sector performance reflects the glut of movie trailers in December. 11% of all videos released in December were attributed to the Entertainment sector, and it registered the second highest share of views at 16%. Entertainment brands also clocked 27% of the total Facebook, a Facebook interaction rate of 3.1%.


While not performing as well as Internet or Entertainment, the Beverages sector registered some solid results. 6% of all videos published were from the Beverages sector, and it went on to take 7% of the total views and 8.7% of all Facebook interactions.

Top Brands

Thanks in part to their zeitgeist video, Google managed to take a huge 33% of all views registered in December. Google published 2.6% of all the videos tracked, which explains why they dominated in terms of number of views. The internet giant also managed to take an extremely respectable 13% of all Facebook Interactions.


Sony produced 0.7% of all the videos published last month but managed to take an impressive 10% of the total views and 13.7% of all Facebook interactions.


Amazon produced one very high performing video which was an exceptional piece of marketing. The Amazon Prime Air video made a huge noise for a service that doesn’t actually exist. Thanks to clever advertising, Amazon took 4.7% of all views and a solid 6.1% of all Facebook interactions.

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Written by Lauren Bigland

Published on #Spotlight on Social Video

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