Expert of the month: 1000 Goals

February 18 2014

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To celebrate the sport packed month of February we've spoken to Dewa Nugraha, contributor to one of Ebuzzing's most successful sports blogs, 1000 Goals.

Expert of the month: 1000 Goals
What's your favourite sport?

Coming from sports loving family, I have strong passion for many sports, but my favourite is definitely football (or Soccer) as that's basically the first sport my family introduced me to. After successfully failing to become a professional player, I decided that writing about it wasn’t such a bad idea!

What is your favourite sporting event of the year?

Well, on a yearly basis I have to say the Champions League, but for this year the World Cup is something I wouldn't miss out on, since it's such a huge competition and highly anticipated by many sports lovers.

Who do you support?

For the World Cup, I'm considering supporting either Brazil or Argentina. For clubs I like several teams such as Paris Saint-Germain, AC Milan, Valencia, mainly because I like to have a favourite team for each league.

What's the best sport you've ever tried?

I have tried many sports and obviously football will be my first choice, but I also like to play basket ball and badminton. I like football not only because of its worldwide popularity, but also because it's a very fun and social sport to play.

What's your best sporting memory?

My best memory would be winning a college football championship in my country as it was on my junior year and nobody was really expecting it. My team hadn’t really won anything before that, so it was quite special indeed.

Who do you think will win the league?

In England I think it would be between Manchester City or Chelsea, Juventus in Italy, Bayern Munich looked unstoppable in Germany, while I think Real Madrid could grab the Spanish La Liga title this season.

Man City or Man United?

Manchester City at the moment, as I like their playing style more than United’s this year.

Expert of the month: 1000 Goals

Dewa Nugraha is a 29 year old blogger/writter from Surabaya, Indonesia who has been blogging since 2008.

Written by Lauren Bigland

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