Oscars 2014 - What's the hype?

February 28 2014

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Oscars 2014 - What's the hype?

Roll out the red carpet, the most glamorous event in the film industry returns to our screens this Sunday. After such an outstanding year of new releases competition is stronger than ever with this year’s eclectic pool of talent.

So who will claim the most prestigious set of awards and take home the most-sought after golden statue within the movie industry?

Here at the Ebuzzing Labs, we have seen who has generated the most buzz around their Oscar nomination. Recently we released our predictions for this year’s winners in the top 4 categories, based on their share of voice in Social Media. There may be a strong correlation between social media buzz and winners, but through a deeper analysis into the tweets we find out what members of the public are actually saying.

Best Actor
Oscars 2014 - What's the hype?

For the most talked about award, with an exceptional 12,000 tweets, DiCaprio shines within our Ebuzzing tag cloud with 7,000 mentions. A large number of tweets around DiCaprio have discussed his long run of Oscar nominations that have yet to lead him to success. The Question remains will Leo finally claim the infamous golden statue that he has long deserved?

Having been up for Best Actor at the Oscars twice before (‘Blood Diamond’ 2007, ‘The Aviator’ 2005) and Best Supporting Actor at them mere age of 19, it comes as no surprise that the public want DiCaprio to win his long overdue award. Particularly as this is the first time he has been nominated since 2007 many tweeters ask if this will finally be the year for Leo to win.

One Twitter account that received a large number of mentions was CNN’s official account, as a result of the apparent leak of DiCaprio as Best Actor winner. Of course this seeming mishap was not a blunder on CNN’s part but merely misinterpreted evidence of The Academy’s routine creation of name plaques for all nominees, but nonetheless created a buzz on the twitter sphere, confirming Leo as the winner to many tweeters.

DiCaprio faces a strong contender in Matthew McConaughey for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’. Receiving substantially less tweets than DiCaprio at just over 2,000, the nature of tweets surrounding McConaughey prove just how much the public believe he deserves this award.

Many tweets highlighted the transformation in perceptions of McConaughey as an actor: “Matthew McConaughey’s transformation from shirtless himbo to enthralling actor has already earned him an Oscar nomination.”

Best Actress

Our labs share of voice results gives the acting industry’s ‘Iron Lady’ herself, Meryl Streep the title. Against most predictions that Cate Blanchett will follow her BAFTA and claim the prize for her outstanding performance in ‘Blue Jasmine’ we wanted to see why public discussions surrounding Streep and the Oscars dominate those of Blanchett.

Meryl is somewhat of acting royalty and has received a number of awards for her on screen talent throughout her career. As the only actress to have ever received 18 Oscar nominations in her acting career, Streep is not a surprising candidate for this award, having bagged 3 Academy Awards in the past. If Streep takes her 4th Win, she really will be the ‘Best Actress’ of our time reaching the late Katherine Hepburn’s lead as the only actress to receive 4 Academy Awards.

Oscars 2014 - What's the hype?
Best Director

As one of the most talked about films of the year, Steve McQueen appears to be the public favourite to win the award for Best Director for his emotional adaptation of ‘12 Years of Slave’, with Martin Scorcese a close contender for ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’. The film was created on a significantly lower budget than other nominations but McQueen was able to generate large scale publicity with his graphic portrayal of slavery in the antebellum US. McQueen’s portrayal of the harsh realities in this world have placed him as a public favourite to win this award.

Oscars 2014 - What's the hype?
And the award for Best Picture goes to...

‘Gravity’. The movie was mentioned in over 2,000 tweets closely followed by McQueen’s ‘12 Years of Slave’ with 1,800 tweets proving just how tight the competition is. The share of voice graph below shows the comparison in Social media hype surrounding each film in relation to the Oscars. It is interesting to see as overall pictures ‘Gravity’ and ‘12 Years of Slave’ dominate where leading men DiCaprio and McCanaughey’s ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘American Hustle’ are significantly lower in this category.

Oscars 2014 - What's the hype?

Our labs picked up on many tweets surrounding an Oscars Ballot on Rotten Tomatoes. The majority of these showed that tweeters were voting for Gravity to win Best Picture and in total we picked up on 288 tweets of those that had voted for Gravity to win and Rotten Tomatoes even confirmed this themselves…

Oscars 2014 - What's the hype?

Who do you want to see take the prize? Watch the Oscars Sunday March 2nd and see how our labs predictions unfold…

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